“In limbo” (caught between “highs” and “lows)

Limbo is not a good place to be, before the crash and after the “high” …

Waiting to fall or to climb to new heights, whichever happens first …

It’s the not knowing which that is torture. Worse than the darkness.

Antsy, your all over the place … Hopeful, forgetful, anxious, sleepy, awake, cloudy, and weepy all at once,

Your afraid of pushing those close to you away, so you cling to them as if they are a life preserver …

Silently begging them to stay …

You need to feel important in some way, otherwise what’s the point?

A knot in your throat … Tells you that your afraid, of what others think also which way are you going to go today ..

Unknown …

Holding on in this limbo, is such a contrast to the blackness yet so similar …

It is worse I feel, because there is hope in the limbo that you will go “up” …

Yet in the blackness there’s no doubt what to do,

This feeble place is a special kind of hell in itself simply because of the hope that you will fly.

If you don’t, then down you go, spiraling

and the hell is the lost hope you had inside.

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