Write original posts (don’t be boring)

Upon awakening, I pour my coffee and start scrolling on Facebook. I come across this article “3 types of posts that are proven to be popular” so of course, I click on it.

Almost a quarter whys down, this article tells you to: “Find what works for others, emulate it and keep doing it. Donโ€™t ever try to be original.”

Smh …

I don’t agree with that statement. I’ve always heard to BE ORIGINAL not vise versa. I mean who wants to be like everyone else? To me, that screams “I’M BORING” about your post.

Some of their advice may be spot on and I agree that it may take longer for people to get used to reading your original work, yet I believe people will jump at the chance to read something different. I know I do when I’m scrolling, and I see a different type of title that sticks out!

What do you think?

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  1. Hi, I believe that each person is very special and born with unique gifts; that is what makes us original. I believe that we have a call (whether we hear it or not) to share that originality with others. I also believe that we can learn a lot from others, their skills and gifts, and not necessarily emulate them by copying their style, methods โ€ฆ One should learn and discard what does not apply. Many times, people will look to mentors as a way to fuel their passion for something, whether that be writing or art, or anything else. Learning from someone who has walked the path has value, and admiration is sometimes mistaken for emulation. Nothing wrong with studying someone’s path for inspiration; however, we should stay true to our own calling and do what works for our particular situation.

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  2. Originality is a great way to live life. To strive to be different is to strive to be unique. People need to embrace themselves and be able to understand who they are. We are people not sheep, we have our own thoughts and views.

    If you could reblog one of my posts too that would be amazing! I’ll be following your blogs closely!

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