I’ve been asked, “How do you know he’s not living a separate life and staying loyal to you”?

“Especially when he’s not around for two weeks, sometimes more, at a time?”

It angers me when someone that doesn’t even know you says to me, “You don’t KNOW for sure he could be talking to others on the phone”, … then leave me dangling.

But I know you aren’t talking nor are you hanging out with other females, because you would tell me if you were.

How do I know ~ I know this because I’ve told you how it would hurt me. I just believe you when you tell me you aren’t. “Your a real man. Am I wrong?”

They call me NAIVE for truly trusting you. That you are doing those things when away from me. I simply cannot picture you doing that because your not a mean or sneaky person. They have no right to categorize you in with all the others.

They don’t understand a real man like you because they are close minded and believe all men are the same as one that hurt them or because they themselves are NOT a real man. I’ve been hurt to, but still I know that’s …

… not true … about you …

I get mad because that type of crap makes my thoughts go crazy and wanna doubt you but I fiercely push them aside.

Holding onto WHAT YOU’VE TOLD ME. “Your a real man. Am I wrong?”

Deep down I DO know that you wouldn’t hurt me or disrespect me in that way. Neither of us have deviated from that the way we discussed it originally and you are a man of your word. “Your a real man. Am I wrong?”

But they say, I’m stupid for believing you. I don’t care because my gut tells me your true to me. “I know your a real man. Am I wrong?”

I would have never believed loyality existed before I met you, that someone could be true, honest and straight up.

Yet, after meeting you, I know your that one in a million and would never stoop that low because you respect me more than that plus, I know for you its also a matter of inner character …

… Because your a REAL man, and to kind-hearted to hurt and I would already know if you weren’t,

by your eyes, because that’s something you cannot hide. A real man that is because A REAL man, has a heart.

They can say whatever they want but I know “Your a real man. Am I wrong?”

“Thank you for being A REAL MAN”!

This was written in honor of my bfwb!

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