diSappOinTmenT ~n~ diSreSpeCt

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I refuse yOur offer therefOre yOu lOSe and are yOu craZy fOr aSking me tO aLLOw yOu the hOnOr of eXChange – with me – I cannOt beLieVe yOu aSked that – are yOu now gOing tO try argue yOur plea ...

That is uSeleSS yOu see – My guy iSn’t happy at all with your requeSt – yOu aLready knOw I’m nOt lOSing the beSt – thiS teLLs me yOu’re juSt Like aLL the reSt …

You want tO knOw why I’m sO irate – it ain’t beCauSe of nO mf skate – nigga yOu diSreSpeCted me by aSking that – I dOn’t share my craft eSpeciaLLy tO my eX bf – whO’s being a brat …

ThiS iS it – I thOught yOu may change – fOr Mary and yOur unbOrn – yOu eVidentLy haVen’t and I am nOt gOing tO aLLOw thiSeX feeLing deaLing gameS …” – cauSe me any mOre sCOrn …

You have “gOt tO stop DC” – that meanS with anyOne eSpeCiaLLy with me – yOu wiLL eVentuaLLy get caught up and yOur girL wiLL find out – she wiLL be sO hurt and yOu gOing tO find yOurSeLf withOut …

Steve asked me if you’d lost your mf mind – I told him I thought so but if not now was the time – he don’t appreciate that question you threw at me today – that type of shit will keep you in disarray …

The anSwer juSt in caSe yOu stiLL dOn’t underStand – iS a big fat NO and NEVER had I figured yOu’d pLan – tO think I wOuLd aCtuaLLy say yes – and cOmprOmiSe my reLatiOnShip with my amaZing man

I’ve tried tO be niCe tO yOu deSpite our cOnfLiCting paSt – shame on me fOr beLieVing that yOu’d start dOing right – sinCe a baby is what yOu wanted – with aLL of yOur might

Steve and I bOth tOOk offenSe – requeSting suCh a thing sure made me feeL Lower than LOw – I hOped that yOu’d have mOre senSe … He dOn’t pLay this DC – yOu’re aware we’re tOgether – it shOuLdn’t be a blOw ...

I’m going tO say tO yOu one mOre thing – fOCuS on the birth of yOur LittLe girL or bOy – if yOu want tO be treated Like a king – if yOu dOn’t – all of what yOu haVe will be deStrOyed

gOOdbye, dear eX, I want tO wiSh yOu weLL – even thOugh yOu cut me dOwn by aSking me that – I chOOSe tO fOrgiVe yOu I knOw yOu can teLL – dOn’t make me wiSh I wOuLd’ve dOne cOmbat

โœ๏ธ ThiS pOSt waS abOut my eX and the faCt that he waS wanting tO be with me, and he shOuLd haVe knOwn that waSn’t gOing tO happen ๐Ÿค” yOur eX iS yOur eX fOr a reaSOn ๐Ÿ™ƒ prayerS for hiS girL who iS 7-7 1/2 mOnthS pregnant

โœ๏ธ I have just recently dicovered (after having a significant light bulb moment during the latter half of this journey) how crucial it was for me emotionally to love myself (and that was a “mini journey” in itself ๐Ÿฅ‡ read my post titled “Loving YOU is crucial”) and that was the catalyst that reignited the intense burning desire deep within me, the paSSiOn write once again …

โœ๏ธ Thank you for reading, commenting and following ๐Ÿ“

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