I would have never dreamed ๐Ÿคฉ

I was completely caught off guard tonight … you would never have said those words unless you meant them and I know I had to look a sight …

… still in disbelief … I pinch myself to make sure it’s real and to know it is, is such a huge relief …

you won my heart and trust that very first day … you came back to me after fleeing twice … I think it was because you knew you’d want to stay …

OMG I am over the top happy … yes I will move to the little house behind yours … my own little cottage of candy … hummm I can’t help to think what will go on behind those doors …

nothing has to change and it won’t with me … I just know I’m going to be more happy … I think so will you be … together more often than we have ever seen …

I believe it will be great because we enjoy each other … for me at least there will never be another … I will strive not to make you feel smothered … oh we have so much to discover!


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