time creeps by … ๐Ÿคž

Time creeps by now, slower than slow … I miss your face so much – I just want you to know … that my mind is on you constantly and because of that the bond we have – has done nothing but continue to grow …

We were heavily drawn to each other from that very first night … so much inspiration from you that I couldn’t help but write … thankful that we aren’t like other couples since we don’t just sit and argue and fight …

I became addicted to you just hanging out and around … whenever you were there, my frown would be turned upside down … a soulmate connect for sure was what we’d found …

My arms ache to hold you tight while pulling you close … your presence means to me – the utmost … my heart is yours, never will I say to you adios

My mind finds a way to sneak away on its own … rustling silently through the depths of where my thoughts of you would roam … precious recollections of us as one – not alone … never again will we be left again on our own …

Those around us are incredibly jealous it seems … since we just don’t argue nor do we tend to yell and scream … we always pick one another up while helping each other tackle their dream …

Being your partner is such a joy to me … how refreshing it is not to break down – tempted and begging to flee … ONLY your sOuL holds my heart’s key …

There’s a sense of peace between us that we’ve grown to adore … not concerned that the other may think like the ones we’ve had before … we are excited inside to take this new journey and together we will search and explore

๐Ÿ‘Œ thank you for reading, following and commenting ๐Ÿคž

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